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European Union-Chile Association Agreement

Complete text of the 2002 European Union-Chile Association Agreement

Complete text of the 2002 European Union-Chile Association Agreement

Sustainability Impact Assessment

An in-depth analysis on the possible economic, social, human rights, and environmental impacts of trade negotiations underway and completed. All sustainability impact assessments on the European Union’s main trade negotiations are available.


Trade Statistics

Information for SME support in science and technology

The Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network, with presence in Chile, provides assistance to companies wishing to innovate and grow at an international scale. The expert members of the network offer services tailored to individual companies, such as assistance in finding suitable international partners or contact points on local networks.

The SME Instrument

The Horizon 2020’s “SME Instrument” aims at fostering economic growth and creating jobs with an emphasis on scientific excellence, industrial leadership and challenges faced by society. Horizon 2020 uses this instrument to provide funding and aid to SMEs that show a great deal of potential for developing their innovative ideas for products, services or processes, and taking on the competition. H2020 is open to the world, including Chile.


EUREKA is an intergovernmental network whose objective is to increase productivity and competitiveness of companies through technology, by fostering the participation of national economies in the international market while strengthening the foundations for sustainable prosperity and employment. Chile will be the first Latin American country to join EUREKA.

The EU Cluster Portal

The EU Cluster Portal provides tools and information on European initiatives, actions and events that are key to clusters and their SMEs. The website’s objective is to create more world-class clusters throughout the entire European Union. By working together, SMEs can be more innovative, create more jobs and register more international trademarks and patents than they can alone.

The European Cluster Observatory

The European Cluster Observatory’s website provides users with statistics, analyses, and cartographic and policy information applicable to clusters in Europe. It is aimed primarily at policy makers, association advocates and representatives of SME intermediaries.

The European Clusters Excellence initiative

The European Clusters Excellence initiative aims to foster the creation of more world-class associations through all of Europe by reinforcing clusters’ excellence.

Cluster Internationalisation

Internacionalización de los clústeres, inciativa que tiene como objetivo promover la cooperación internacional en materia de clústeres, mediante la intensificación de la colaboración entre los clústeres europeos y las empresas de terceros países.

Clusters and Emerging Industries

This website contains information on emerging industries commonly characterised by high growth rates and greater market potential. Emerging industries hold the key for future competitiveness and prosperity, and can derive benefit from the collaboration opportunities offered by clusters.

Practical information for companies

Trade Helpdesk

A European Commission website that aids Chilean companies wishing to obtain information on tariffs, requisites, preferential agreements, quotas and other requirements regarding exporting to the EU, including statistics and other useful information.

The Market Access Database

Provides information on import conditions in third-country markets to companies exporting from the EU, as well as information for companies that want to export from Chile to the EU.

IPR Helpdesk

Provides firms with information on intellectual property rights. This site offers free front-line intellectual property and intellectual property rights assistance to beneficiaries of EU-funded research projects and to EU SMEs participating in transnational partnership agreements.


Platform offering information services to SMEs and European organizations interested in doing business in strategic Latin American countries. Financed by the European Union.

Useful addresses and links for doing business in Chile

Useful addresses and links for doing business in Chile for doing business in Chile

Exporters’ Stories

Stories on the benefits for European exporters and importers, as well as case studies that show how trade agreements in Europe help both local firms and communities.


Institution that is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that is responsible for promoting Chilean exports of goods and services and contributing to the dissemination of foreign investment and the promotion of tourism. In this website, one will find statistics on foreign trade and stories of exporters, as well as a list of activities and trainings led by ProChile.


Strategic public consultations

Strategic public consultations in areas tied to an impact assessment of the modernization of the trade part of the EU-Chile Association Agreement.


Assessment of the initial impact of the modernization of the trade part of the EU-Chile Association Agreement.