Bárbara Baxa

Bárbara Baxa received a degree in forestry engineering from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and currently leads private sector work assisting business women, female entrepreneurs and executives in the development of their businesses and commercial networks in the south of Chile.

Upon receiving her degree, she worked with various organizations related to forestry, but in 2010 began to design and manage business development programs for female entrepreneurs and business women in the region of Los Lagos, an opportunity that allowed her to learn about the region’s realities and its untapped potential.

In 2012, alongside her business partner Paulette Irarrázaval, she established Red Pyme Mujer (SMEs Women Network), a social innovation company that promotes the development of business networks between female entrepreneurs, large companies, and private and public organizations, as well as designs and manages services and activities that seek to bolster and expand the impact women-led companies have on both the local and regional markets.

Now with five years of experience, the SMEs Women Network has built the largest business network in the south of Chile with more than 1,800 female business leaders and has helped more than 400 via its business training programs.

The SMEs Women Network involves business women in the south of the country, private businesses and both international and Chilean organizations, which work together with the objective of strengthening the businesses led by business women and female entrepreneurs throughout Chile.